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You want to make sure you can retire comfortably. But what do you really need to make that happen?

You want to make sure you don’t outlive your money. But you worry that you aren’t making the right moves now to secure your future.

Maybe you want to finally buy that vacation home and enjoy time there with your family. But you wonder how that is possible.

No matter what your goals and dreams for the future include, wouldn’t it be great to have a partner to help you accurately assess the present and get you on track to your best future. We can be that partner.

Plan participants with investment help
did better than those without help
87% of the time.
— Source AON Hewitt and Financial Engines Study, Help in Defined Contribution Plans 2006 through 2010

In the complex world of
financial planning,
experience Matters.

My Financial Advisor is a Division of Principal Resource Group (PRG), leaders in Employee Benefit, Pension, and Retirement Planning for over two decades.

Led by Karin Marrs Rettger, PRG is a recognized authority in the Benefit Advising and Financial Planning industry. She also has a deep specialty in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

When you work with Karin and My Financial Advisor you get deep experience as well as personal and customized service.

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Are you worried about how much value your account might decline in a market downturn? We offer a free risk assessment so you can learn how vulnerable you may be. Schedule a free risk assessment today.


Watch Karin (aka, The Genie) talk about how much money you really need to retire.